9 Simple Flower Arrangement Tips


When you learn the secrets to beautiful flower arrangement you will realize how delightful and fun it is to add this source of beauty to your home.

Flowers add such glorious color and warmth to your home. They can add lively seasonal decor to your room(s) and lift your spirits with their beauty.

A lovely flower arrangement is also considered a very thoughtful gift.

With your new found talent, you will always be able to have a wonderful gift of flowers available in a short period of time. Your recipient will truly appreciate the gift of flowers.

As a plus, there are only a few supplies you need to keep on hand in order to create beautiful flower arrangements.


Simple and Fun Flower Arrangment Tips


Natural Flower Arrangement Tips

Source: Girotti Family

1. Keep your fresh flowers “fresher” longer by immediately placing them in water when you get home. Also, before beginning the arrangement, cut off a bit of the stem with a sharp knife or scissors. Finally, make sure any leaves that may be below the water line in the vase or bowl has been removed.

2. If you desire a flower arrangement that is completely natural, do not use anything artificial like florist tape or foam. All you have to do is layer the fresh flowers, keeping the taller stems and larger flowers in the middle, and then add shorter ones surrounding them. This way you would be creating a natural “holder” for them. Criss-cross the stems on the outside. This will help make a sturdy “holder” for the larger flowers in the middle of the arrangement.

3. A bouquet of seasonal flowers is always popular and will be appreciated as a gift. The fresh flowers can usually be found at your local grocery store for a low price. Many times the arrangement of the flowers found at the store is quite lovely, and all you have to do is place it in the proper size vase. Choosing the right size vase will keep the flower arrangement in place. Do remember to trim the stems before placing them in the vase with water.

4. Some of the most beautiful flower arrangements are also the most simple. Two to three stems of handpicked wild flowers placed in a glass jar make a lovely addition to your kitchen counter or small table.

5. Many well known floral arrangement designers simply tie a bunch of flowers together. There is a trick to it though. You can find this unique flower arrangement technique on Martha Stewart’s site. Basically, it is holding a flower in your hand and while adding more flowers, turning the bouquet slightly so that the stems are at a slight diagnol. Then wrapping the stems with tape or tying them.


6. When arranging flowers make sure you balance the height and width of the arrangement with their container to make the arrangement look appealing. The height should be approximately one and one half times the height of container.


Contemporary Flower Arrangement

Source: GiftTree


7. Some of the most beautiful flower arrangements are those with specific flowers as focal points of the arrangement. As an example, you can choose one or two lovely roses or several, then add other flowers that compliment the roses. Finally add fillers like baby’s breath, ferns and / or stems of leaves. Allowing some of the leaves or other fillers to cascade over the rim of the vase or container makes a lovely arrangement too.


8. Color is the essence of all flower arrangements. Choose colors that compliment each other, or choose one color of varying shades. Once you have chosen your colors, you can purchase your flowers.



9. Keep flower arrangement supplies on hand and you will always be ready to create a beautiful bouquet on the spur of the moment. Have a specific pair of sharp scissors, green florist tape and wire and a few green florist foam blocks handy and you’ll always be ready to arrange flowers.



Do you have any tips to add for flower arrangement? If so, please do leave your comments below.



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